LuberLift - Fork Lift Truck Maintenance Lift        Safe & Easy to use


LuberLift Features & Specifications

  • Main frame and lift platform all structural steel electric welded construction
  • Handles three or four wheel trucks
  • Counterweight support is adjustable for any truck length
  • Full access to service points - total access to undercarriage

LuberLift Advantages

  • Inspect the undercarriage
  • Check out steering linkages, brakes, springs, mufflers
  • Change oil and lubricate
  • Remove major assemblies
  • Reduce truck down time
  • Improve truck lift
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Fewer production delays
  • Better work environment

Easy to Operate

  • Drive truck over the approach ramp (either backed on or pulled forward)
  • Locate adjustable wheel chocks
  • Position adjustable counterweight support bar
  • Press the up button


  • Approach ramp
  • Additional counterweight bar
  • Explosion proof controls
  • Runways in lieu of platform
  • Special/Custom designs