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Giant Lift video


                   Platform guard options:


                   Cab options:

                              Roll up doors

                              Freight style folding gates

                              Swing gate

                  Landing enclosure options:

                              Landing door & gates

                              Expanded metal enclosures

  • RJS-2 Model - Double Frame Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor: Double frame vertical reciprocating conveyors are specifically designed for vertical movement of a large, bulky, heavy material from one elevation to another.

  • Telescopic Reciprocating Conveyor (RJST Model) - Telescopic lifters require less usage of floor space on the second level and the floor opening area can be utilized by installing hinged doors. The optional bow type openers automatically raise overhead doors. Perfect for sidewalk, trash lifts, and mortuary applications as well as many others.

  • Vertical Wheelchair Lifts (Life Lift model) - Meet ADA requirements with our vertical wheelchair lift in industrial, commercial or residential applications. Complies with ANSI A18.1


  • Powered Dumpers - High capacity power dumpers for free flowing materials, powders, granular, sugar, chemicals and many more can be handled safely and ergonomically by one person.
  • Fork Lift Truck Maintenance Lifter (Luberlift) - is designed and built for in-plant maintenance of fork lift trucks and other factory vehicles. Design and engineering have combined to produce a range of compact, self-contained units that allow easy access to the vehicle without the need for pit installation with special emphasis on safety features.

  • Dumbwaiters - Self-supporting and self-contained dumbwaiters that require no building supports. Custom built features are electrically welded structural steel main frames, comprised of base and back frame with mast upright and safety in mind.

  • Mobile Crane (GMC model)- Operates where fork trucks can not. Precise movements of loads in three directions and fits through standard doorways.

All of these above products can be used to meet any of the following type of applications, just to mention a few:

ada lifts, aerospace lifts, auto lifts, auto parts lifts, box lifts, bulk material conveying equipment, cable lifts, cantilever lifts, cargo lifts, casket lifts, commercial wheelchair lifts, continuous lifts, conveying equipment, conveyors, crane - mobile, custom industrial lifts, custom lifts, duel mast lifts, dumbwaiter, elevating platform, elevator, expanded metal gate, food and beverage lifts, freight lifts, freight elevator, gates, gmc, goods lift, government lifts, handicap lifts, home lifts, home elevator, horizontal gate, hotel/lodging lifts, hydraulic lifts, jet engine vertical lifts, lifts, loading dock equipment, maintenance lifts, manufacturing facility lifts, material elevator, material lifts, material handling, mechanical lifts, medical lifts, mezzanine lifts, military lifts, mobile crane, modular lift, multi-level lifts, package lifts, pan lift, people lifts, porch lift, portable lift, printing and publishing lifts, residential lifts, retail/dept store lifts, school lift, sidewalk elevator, sidewalk lifts, stage lift, storage lifts, straddle lift, swing gate, telescopic lifts, university lift, vertical lift doors, vertical chair lift, vertical storage lifts, vertical conveyor, vertical gate, vertical material lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyor, vertical platform lifts, vertical lifts, vertical lift gate, vertical reciprocating, vrc’s, warehouse/distribution lifts, vertical wheelchair lift, wheelchair elevator, wheelchair lifts